Do you display your family photoshoot as wall art around your home?

Once your hand selected images from your photoshoot with me have been edited, we have our viewing session. This is your opportunity to view your wonderful images. Not only that, this is when you get to choose which of your family photoshoot images you are going to display as wall art in your home and what format they will be in.  Will it be the modern classic that is the Fine Art Frame?  Will it be a contemporary aluminium with its its sleek edges and brushed satin finish? Perhaps the classic canvass wrap.  Here I am going to share with you two stunning family photoshoots as wall art.

The Birch Experience:

The Birches are a fantastic family and you can see we captured some amazing memories at their photoshoot in Beddington Park (take a look at this post for other venue ideas).

These are some of my initial ideas for displaying thier family photoshoot as wall art.

This gallery is off the Fine Art Float Frame with charcoal frame and white mount board.  The larger images are 16×12 (that’s the images themselves not the frame size) and the smaller ones are 12×8 picture sizes.  I think this combinations is brilliant for a living area or a dining room.  The images I chose compliment each other in emotion and colour tone.  Plus, most importantly, they capture the children and family relationships and personalities.

For the lovely girl’s bedroom, we needed something more contemporary  and a tad more hard wearing.  Something easy and quick to clean and keep dust free.  Aluminim was the perfect product to choose.  The images are printed directly on to the metal and the finish for the print means that any glare from the surrounding lights or windows doesn’t affect your ability to see the image.  These can simply be wiped over with a soft cloth—perfect!

Bodacious Boyles

This hilarious family took full advantages of their photoshoot.  Like many of my clients, they initially wanted a picture of the whole family for their mum’s birthday.  They could have taken just one gorgeous framed print for her but, being the savvy bunch they are, they decided this was the perfect opportunity to get some new images of each of the siblings with their partners and their own growing families too.

This was awesome for me as I got to get busy designing lots of different options of the whole family and even more options for each of the siblings too! Wall design heaven!

My first options were for mum.   I started with the most simplistic that met her needs.  A wonderful, eye-catching 20×30 Fine Art Float Frame in charcoal.  I chose charcoal frames for these as mum’s walls are light although her home lacked some light.  The charcoal frame with the white mount, mixed with he float, 3-d image makes means the entire piece is an eye-catching additional to the her home.

Another option I gave mum was a gallery was designed to put together the coveted picture of her with her whole family as well as a smaller collection which show her children with their their partners and children.  The smaller 6, 12×8 images are in a variety of landscape and portrait orientations and surround the larger 20x 30 image which acts as a centre piece to the whole display.  What better reminder of all the lovage has ie n her life than this, every time she sees it?

For one of the her girls, I created this large gallery. I know they have quite a country style home, heading towards coast.  The Fine Art Float Frame really is so versatile.  The wooden, natural charcoal frame and white mount in these 3, 20 x 16 prints will sit beautifully in the their home.  The images were chosen because of their background.   The coral, peachy, warm colour on the wall behind really packs a punch in darker setting.  These images so such a fabulous aspect of these ladies relationship.  They compliment each other so well and these images demonstrate their laughter and love.

However one of the options we came up with was using one of the more reflective images I captured in the middle of their two favourite coral images.  These smaller 16×12 frames sit neatly on the chimney breast here but could work equally beautifully if separated around the house.  That’s the beauty of multiple frames  as well as they work together, they work just as fabulously apart.

For the youngest son, I put together a little montage of the wider family combined with a gorgeous images of himself and his wife and an image of them with their son.  We played with different frames colours and different styles of wall art but the Fine Art caught their hearts.

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