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Photographer in Harborough

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Photographer in Harborough

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I’m Caroline, a photographer in Harborough who works throughout Leicestershire and the surrounding areas, and this is my little family complete with two gorgeous, if slightly crazy, children.

Ever since I was a child, I have loved looking at photographs. I would spend hours sitting on my parents’ bedroom floor, looking through their old albums, analysing the people in the images, asking endless questions about my relatives. Those snippets of time, a millisecond of a person’s essence, connected me to family I would never meet or missed dearly.

My love for capturing those moments grew and evolved over the years since my lovely Dad passed away and when I began my search for my own wedding photographer. I really wanted someone who would capture the importance of the little things. A glance, a touch a hidden grin.  I wanted someone who would capture the moments I would cherish.

It was a post wedding stroke of fate that led to my first DSLR. I’d left my compact with my sister after our wedding so she could upload the images. Of course, I forgot that I might need a camera on my honeymoon and so we had to buy one at the airport. It was nothing fancy at all. However, I did take one of my favourite photographs ever with that camera (it’s about the user and the light, not the just the gear!) The Hawaiian sunset is truly breathtaking!

I quickly went from my entry level DSLR to several, in my Dad’s words, “serious bits of kit.” and my love for photography has evolved from there. It’s evolved now so I get the great pleasure of using two of my great passions in my business – photography and printing.

When I think of myself as a child looking at albums and pictures hanging on the walls, it drives my passion to provide you with with beautiful images and stunning ways of presenting those images so you can have those conversations with your children and grandchildren in the future.

I’m Caroline and I look forward to hearing from you and capturing memories that will last for life times and prints that your grandchildren will croon over!

Photographer in Croydon, Caroline Harding

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Family photographer in Harborough, Leicestershire and the Surrounding areas

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