Family photoshoot poses: How do I stand? Do I look fat? Do my arms/tummy/thighs look big? How can I hide them?

We all have our insecurities – if you’re a supermodel or a regular person, with the historic and ongoing media pressure to do it all, have it all, be it all, it would be impossible to not have a hang up or two (or twenty). Let’s face it, us girls can suffer with confidence issues even if we can take down a bunch of bosses in the board room.  Put us in front of a camera, and trying to decide on your family photoshoot poses can bring those insecurities to the surface.  Then add all the concerns about the family and the preparations and that goes in to a family photoshoot and it can be a bit overwhelming. 

The first thing you need to do is check out my blog on preparing for you shoot, then you need to have a look over how to style your shoot and then read this!

Model worthy family photoshoot poses that will totally depict your family, while still being aesthetically pleasing.

My aim is never to be overly posey.  Now that’s a bit weird as surely that’s what you want – the picture perfect (literally) portrait of your family.  We always get those portraits of you all, but the magic is the moments in between… your interactions with each other… the natural moments!

So, here are some great model worthy family photoshoot poses that we can start with … and then relax in to!

Family Photoshoot Poses group
Family Photoshoot Poses outside
Family Photoshoot Poses large group
Family Photoshoot Poses couple
Family Photoshoot Poses single mom
Family Photoshoot Poses baby
Family Photoshoot Poses child

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